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CNC Machining


The MacKenzie Atlantic team is known for its ability to do some of the most complex, tight-tolerance, advanced precision machining services in the business. We work with customers from product development to delivery, acting as an extension of their business. That’s how we deliver a superior product the first time and every time. And when needed, it’s how we make the impossible, possible.

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We offer:


  • 5-axis turning and milling (simultaneous)

  • 3 & 4 axis milling

  • High speed machining

  • Live tool changers

  • Bar feeders

  • Positioning accuracy of +/- .0002"

  • Machining up to 12,000 RPM

  • Turning diameter range up to 26”

Ken Walker, President, Ultra Electronics

We use:
  • The latest in Mastercam CAD/CAM software

  • The highest quality materials from around the world: titanium, stainless steel, magnesium, incoloy, aluminum, mild steel, tool steel and other specialty alloys. Plastics too: ABS, PVC, Delrin, ultem, nylon, and glassified nylon.

  • A full range of machining equipment

    • DMG NTX 1000 Multitask CNC lathe/mill combo (x2)

    • ABB Robotics (x2)

    • QTN 100 Mazak CNC Lathe (with bar feeder)

    • QTN 200 Mazak CNC Lathe (x2)

    • QTS 200 Mazak CNC Lathe

    • MSY 200 Mazak live tooling Lathe (with sub-spindle)

    • Micro Slant 15 Mazak CNC Lathe

    • Mori Seiki SL-3 CNC Lathe

    • VCN510 Mazak CNC milling machines (4th axis) (x4)

    • VCN410 Mazak CNC milling machine

    • Prototyping CNC milling machine

    • Conventional lathes

    • Conventional, vertical milling machines

    • Assembly presses

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“You know that one friend you keep on speed dial, the one you’d call if you got a flat tire on your way to a wedding you’re emceeing? That guy you know will drop everything to bail you out?


"That’s Matt. That’s MacKenzie Atlantic. And that’s why they’re receiving our Top Supplier of the Year award.” 

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