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We're a Mazak shop. We keep things simple, trusting in Mazak’s reliability and service. This allows us to move a job from one machine to another, helping the shops to run smoothly and our productivity to be as high as possible.

CNC Lathes
  • QTN 100 Mazak CNC Lathe (with bar feeder)

  • QTN 200 Mazak CNC Lathe (x2)

  • QTS 200 Mazak CNC Lathe

  • MSY 200 Mazak live tooling Lathe (with sub-spindle)

  • Micro Slant 15 Mazak CNC Lathe

  • Mori Seiki SL-3 CNC Lathe


The best part about our equipment is that it’s run by the best machinists and fabricators in the business.


Their input, expertise and desire to produce great work is critical to ensuring we deliver a superior product to our customers.


Between the quality of our equipment and the talent and dedication of our people, our customers know they can count on us for all of their machining, welding and fabrication needs.

CNC Mills
  • VCN510 Mazak CNC milling machines (4th axis) (x4)

  • VCN410 Mazak CNC milling machine

  • Prototyping CNC milling machine



Conventional Equipment
  • Conventional lathes

  • Conventional, vertical milling machines

  • Assembly presses

  • Surface grinder

  • Sheet metal break press

Aluminum Vapour Impregnation
  • Push/Pull Godfrey & Wing Vapour Impregnator – A specialized process used to seal porosity in aluminum castings that require zero water penetration. Applications include cast aluminum streetlights, automotive industry, underwater products, aerospace.

Fabrication Equipment
  • Mig welding (steel, stainless steel and aluminum)

  • Tig welding (steel, stainless steel and aluminum)

  • Stick welding (steel)

  • 150 tonne accurpress press break

  • Metal shear 10’ x 3/8”

  • Plasma cutter < .75’’ thick steel

  • Box pan break

  • Power rolls

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