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MacKenzie Atlantic is a team of 30+ highly skilled, creative and ambitious people with a ton of experience.


We are skills competition finalists, wizards with metal, and our customers’ greatest resource. We meld together as a team to get a superior product out the door, and we have fun doing it.


What we do is a cross between a trade and an art, and we attract people with a diverse range of talents. On the job, we’re ambitious, dependable, creative, collaborative and insanely attentive to detail. After hours, you’ll find us playing as hard as we work – making jewelry, playing music, riding ATVs, building hot rods and surfing.


We’re particularly proud of:
  • How much we’ve grown in the past few years spurred by our investment in an ERP system, a second facility, and expansion into welding and fabrication

  • Our track record for quality, often exceeding tolerance requirements

  • The relationships we’ve built with our clients – we work with them, not just for them

  • Our serious problem-solving mentality and our commitment to innovation, growth, apprenticeships, in-house training and professional development

  • Our affiliation with local colleges and universities, like NSCC and Dalhousie University. Working with them gives us the opportunity to learn from fresh thinking and, in turn, bring some of the latest R&D to market




Many members of the team have been around awhile; they are a wealth of knowledge and experience. Others are newer; they bring fresh perspectives and a healthy, nurtured dose of reckless abandon. The combination is just right.

Lending our support, Ice Bucket Challenge 2014

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