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Quality Assurance


Most machining, welding and fabrication shops talk about providing quality products, on time and on budget...

At MacKenzie Atlantic, quality is everything – and we put our money where our mouth is.

We are certified by ISO 9001:2015, registered with Controlled Goods and NATO, and we’ve gone well beyond LEAN.


In 2014 we implemented an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, taking things up a notch – a few notches, in fact. We also added a full-time inspector to our team.


The electronic data collection software – and the technologies and processes that go along with it – enable us to see exactly what we’re doing, when.


For our team, the ERP system puts a computer station at every CNC machining centre for quick data collection. We use it to sign in and out of jobs, and to access our parts database. 

This database has all of our current programs, part drawings and setup sheets, so any program, any drawing and any setup sheet can be accessed from any machine at either of our two facilities. 


The information our team members need to do their work is right at their fingertips.


The jobs start faster, finish quicker, with less chance of error. And for our customers, this all helps us safeguard our quality and competitive pricing.


And because we’re a NATO-registered supplier, we are equipped to handle sensitive information and classified projects.

When the Canadian Navy needed on-site machining, the ship’s commander asked for us by name. And when the Spawar U.S. survey team came to inspect our work, they said our on-site machining was the best they had seen on any fleet in the Canadian or U.S. Navy. 


We're also a proud member of the supply chain that makes parts for the Bombadier Global 500 Jet and Bell Helicopters.

Some might even say we do the impossible.

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