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Our latest investment in automation

We’re thrilled to share this feature video showcasing our shop’s latest investment in automation: two DMG MORI NTX1000 multitask CNC machines coupled with automated bar feeders and a fully automated ABB robotics system.

Our automation cell can load blank material off a conveyor using a 3D vision camera, allowing the robot to load both machines simultaneously, fully process the material into a finished component, including final inspection, unload the part, clean it, and place it on an outgoing conveyor for packaging and delivery to the customer. It can run 24/7, and our team is absolutely rocking it.

Our deepest gratitude to ACOA and Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) for your continued support as we grow to meet the needs and opportunities in Atlantic Canada and abroad.

Thanks to the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce for seeing our story as worthy of producing and sharing, and to Spurr Creative for this video’s production!

Check out the video here:

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